Three new films from Karladam Entertainment

Death Keeps Coming

A horrific story of an innocent woman embraced by a deadly gypsy curse in which the devil of the dark hovers over her. Her only hope... a mysterious gunfighter who rides out of the desert to help her.

The Scorpion’s Kiss

At Christmas where family and friendship is at it's peak, there are many who dread the wonderful season due to having no family in their lives. Embittered professional thug Mike Van Gort is one of those people. But... one magical Christmas Eve he's offered a chance of a lifetime.


Struggling writer Riley Quinn is someone we all love to know, sweet by nature and a big kid at heart. Supported by his ever faithful waitress wife Lily, all he ever wanted to do was become successful in his craft in order to take his beloved wife away from her miserable job. Then... one dark and stormy night... mystery and intrigue came calling.